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Are you planning on upgrading your property? Home remodeling or home renovation is one of the most common things homeowners do to improve their space. One of the top renovations that you can have in your house is having it updated with a stone or brick exterior. If you plan on doing this for your property, then Carmelo Home Improvement is the company you should hire.

We are a reliable masonry contractor in Staten Island, New York. We are one of the best companies when it comes to remodeling, especially when it comes to brick and stonework. We have been in this business for more than two decades now.

We can help you out with all your needs when it comes to brick and stone masonry. We offer exterior renovations, including brick/stone facades, patios, outdoor kitchens, pool surrounds, fireplaces, and more. We have a team of experienced masons who are well-trained to handle any type of home renovation project involving brick or stone.

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Expert Masonry Construction Services

Our professional masonry services in Staten Island, New York, include:

Brickwork and stonework – We are experts when it comes to brickwork and stonework. From natural stone, cultured stone, cast stone, veneers, facades, and more, we can do it all when it comes to brick and stone.

Patio installation and removal – We can install a patio on your property, whether it be made from brick or stone. We also have the equipment and the skills to remove a deck or patio if you want us to.

Landscape Masonry – You can use brick pavers to beautify your outdoor space by creating walkways, patios, driveways, stuccos, and more!

Fireplace and chimney construction and repair – We can create a new fireplace from scratch or repair an existing one. We can also install new chimney caps.

Pool surrounds – We can create custom pool surrounds made of brick or stone for your swimming pool. No matter your pool’s size, height, or shape, we can give it a brick or stone surround.

Retaining walls – If you want to add level lawn space around your property and make it look like a landscape paradise, we can install retaining walls made from brick or stone.

Outdoor kitchen construction and repair – If you want to add more style and convenience to your property, then we can help you with outdoor kitchen installation. We also offer stone construction services for kitchens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Masonry construction is the placement of brick, stone, concrete blocks, or similar building materials. The masonry construction process involves cutting through mortar joints and laying bricks in an exact pattern.

There are three types of masonry: brick, stone, and concrete. All of these materials can be used for exterior and interior walls. Brick is most commonly used in residential construction projects, while stone and concrete blocks are often seen in commercial building constructions.

Brickwork is the art of cutting and fitting bricks to form structural units. Also known as masonry, brickwork involves placing bricks at specific angles in a pattern so they can create concrete structures.

We are a full-service masonry contractor, and we can handle any type of masonry project. We offer natural stonework, brickwork, outdoor kitchen installation, and more.

It depends on the scope of your project, but in general, we can give you a time estimate after we visit your site and see the scope of the project.

Affordable Masonry Services for Homeowners

Residential jobs are our specialties. We do all types of residential masonry projects for homeowners. Our masons know precisely the proper technique needed to make your bricks or stones look their best.

As one of the top masonry contractors in Staten Island, New York, we can guarantee that you will get nothing but the best service from us. Our employees are friendly and polite. They come to work on time and give their 100 percent effort throughout the job. We also stay within your budget.

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